Going Unnoticed

Series II | Episode 2

In this episode, Elin Owen tells her story of when an autoimmune condition develops into a serious eating disorder, but not the sort you’d expect. Her story showcases the almost life threatening consequences that she faced from having the little-known condition known as Diabulemia as well as how it went unnoticed for a long time by healthcare professionals.

This episode is supporting Diabetes UK. Who offer help and support to those with diabetes as well as funding research to one day change the lives of people with the condition. For more info go to http://diabetes.org.uk or call 0345 123 2399 (England, Wales, NI) or 0141 212 8710 (Scotland). You can also email helpline@diabetes.org.uk (or helpline.scotland if in Scotland)

With thanks to Nutritionist, Helen Adams from Oakmead Clinic and Nutritionist Resource Member, you can find out more at http://oakmeadclinic.co.uk and https://nutritionist-resource.org.uk

Other Diabetes support charities available at http://diabetes.habl.co

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