Think Tank Investigates: Cardiff’s Homeless Crisis – Part 2

Documentary 1 | Part 2

In part two we get reaction from the Sleep Out participants the morning after and we ask ‘is enough being done?’.

We look at the extra levels of complexity adding to this crisis and speak to Jo Stevens MP and Martin Moss from Hope Cardiff and Glenwood Church Centre to learn more about the work they’re doing to combat homelessness in Cardiff.

There are so many charities who are working with the homeless to make life better and to get people off the streets, please consider donating or volunteering to the following:

Shelter Cymru, Huggard, The Wallich, The Salvation Army, Hope Cardiff (Glenwood Church Faith Community ).

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With thanks to Thomas for his willingness to share his story and speak from his heart about a problem he faced and now works to fix. To Paul and Ginger, who by now are due to be in a council housing.

And to Sammy, Beth, Katie C, Megan, Pacôme, Yasmin, Lilly, Jessica, Ciara, Georgia, Katie V, Alisha, Evey, Lorena, Abigail, Francesca, Sally, Michelle, Hannah and all the other participants and organisers of the Student Sleep-out, for agreeing to be a part of this project.

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